Designers who advance new discoveries

Meet a few of our science & technology, healthcare, and education experts and discover how we fuse collaboration, research, innovation, and technology to create design solutions that solve challenges today—and give our clients a competitive edge in the future.

  • Meet Cynthia Labelle

    Meet Cynthia Labelle

    Principal, Senior Project Manager, Science & Technology

  • Meet Randy Edwards

    Meet Randy Edwards

    Principal, Healthcare

  • Visit our CRIT stream to learn about how Stantec designs help advance new discoveries

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  • Meet Laurel Harrison

    Meet Laurel Harrison

    Senior Principal, Sector Leader, Health (US West and Global)

  • Meet Michael Reagan

    Meet Michael Reagan

    Vice President, Sector Leader, Science & Technology

  • Meet Tod Moore

    Meet Tod Moore

    Principal, Discipline Lead, Information and Communication Technology

  • Meet Alex Wing

    Meet Alex Wing

    Principal, Education

  • Meet Tony Rao

    Meet Tony Rao

    Senior Principal, Sector Leader, Science & Technology (Corporate)

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