Filtered Tailings Technology: A new era for mine tailings storage

January 18, 2019 Bryan Ulrich

Filtered tailings technology offers options for storing mine tailings in an environmentally friendly manner


Many within the mining industry know filtered tailing disposal’s demands and shortcomings, yet few know the secrets to successful project implementation. Read Toward the Sensible Use of Tailings Filtering Technology by Bryan Ulrich, P.E., PrEng. and Josh Rogers, P.E., P.Eng, to learn how the use of a Multiple Accounts Analysis (MAA) can be invaluable in establishing the viability of any tailings management strategy.

The paper presents an MAA alternatives assessment methodology and offers several practical pieces of advice that designers can adopt if filtered tailings are the most suitable tailings management technology for their project. 

Read the paper to learn more about design topics such as target moisture content, trafficability, designing to accommodate varying tailings characteristics, loading rate and liquefaction.

Stantec has considerable experience in filtered tailing disposal having designed, commissioned and provided engineering oversight for two filtered tailing projects.  In addition, we’re currently working on the conceptual filtered tailing disposal design on top of an existing tailing storage facility. 

Would you like to learn more? Join Bryan Ulrich, P.E., PrEng., at the 13th International Conference on Mine Closure in Perth September 3-5, 2019. Bryan is a member international advisory committee for the mine closure conference this year. He a geotechnical engineer with more than 30 years of experience with engineering, project management, design and construction, analysis, closure and site investigations of mining-related work. He has participated in all aspects associated with the design of tailings and heap leach facilities and has carried out numerous other geotechnical design efforts, including direct involvement with over 50 geotechnical site investigations.

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Bryan Ulrich

Bryan Ulrich is a leader in geotechnical design for the mining industry, with more than 30 years of experience. He’s experienced in leading design teams and performing independent reviews of mine waste and heap leach facilities and is particularly skilled at building relationships with key industry contacts.

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